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March 2020

TSI Board with 2019 Fitzgerald Scholar Thu-Yến Nguyen
at Bryn Mawr College, Fall 2019.



Honor Roll of Donors


As we close the books on 2019, we wish to thank all our generous donors who support the young women who choose to attend women’s colleges.  You, our donors, sustain our belief, which is borne out again and again, that there is a place for women’s colleges and that they cannot be replaced.   Thank you.





(When known, we have included the graduation year and alma mater of our generous donors.)


Nance Morris Adler, R-MWC  ’89
Anna Belle Corbin Ambrosen, R-MWC ’67
June Ball, Wellesley
Rebecca Baltzer, R-MWC ’62
Carolyn Wilkerson Bell, R-MWC ’65
Beth Bentley, R-MWC ’80
Gail Hayman Bounds, R-MWC ’66
Elizabeth Bradford, R-MWC ’73
Geraldine Copley Brann, R-MWC ’66
Cornelia Butler, St. Andrews ’67
Gretchen Butler, R-MWC ’98
Geri Long Cecil, R-MWC ’68
Rebecca Crosson, R-MWC ’68
Carolyn Eldracher Dalby, R-MWC ’81
Melinda Nichols Donovan, R-MWC ’66
Mary Hanna Dysart, R-MWC ’78
Karen Bush Everett, R-MWC ’66
Leah Fallon, Smith ’01
E.B. Watson Flory, Peace ’07
Lyn McWhirter Fraser, R-MWC ’65
Nell Jefferson Fredericksen, R-MWC ’85
Sarah Ellen Gordon, R-MWC ’64
Eliza Rucker Hager, R-MWC ’69
Kourosh and Pearl Hamzeh
Nahid Hamzei, R-MWC ’80
Linda Harger 
Janet Hensley, R-MWC ’68
Kristin Callis Hodges, R-MWC ’89
Joan Jennings Howard, R-MWC ’52
Melissa Kaufmann-Buhler, R-MWC ’62
Judy Kelly, R-MWC ’64
Nancie Roop Kennedy, R-MWC ’62
Dawn Keogh, R-MWC ’77
Ruth Barnes Kinsolving, R-MWC ’68
Sandra Kuritzky, Chatham ’73
James and Nellie Pat Landrum, R-MWC ’67
Elizabeth Lasher, R-MWC ’68
Theresa Stone Lazo, R-MWC ’79
Susan Lewis, R-MWC ’67
Carol Littleton (Cottey ’62, U. Oklahoma ’65)
 and John Bailey
Mary Beth Maisel, R-MWC ’62
Melissa Moffett Matthews, R-MWC ’78
Sally Sherard Mattingly, R-MWC ’68
Suzanne McClung, R-MWC ’85
JoAnn McConnell, R-MWC ’66
Betsy Gordon McCrodden, R-MWC ’66
Laura McCrodden, Agnes Scott ’96
Margaret McKean, UC Berkeley ’67
Joan McRae, R-MWC ’72
Sally Herb Moses, Smith 
Emily Moss, Wellesley ’19
Charlotte Harris Mullins, R-MWC ’80
Jennifer Mullins, R-MWC ’08
Mary Claire Dothard Olivere, R-MWC ’66
Marsha Taylor Pepper, R-MWC ’75
Rebecca Peterson, R-MWC ’80
Kristina Prager, R-MWC ’68
Claire Bledsoe Pratt, R-MWC ’69
Karen Preston, R-MWC ’80
Rachel Wolpert Proffitt, R-MWC ’07
Margaret Quinn, R-MWC ’66
Ellen James Ramsburgh, R-MWC ’68
Melisa Caston Schultz, R-MWC ’85
Aastha Sharma, Wesleyan ’16 
Beth Shearer, R-MWC ’66
Meredith Woodrum Snowden, R-MWC ’89
Christine Musser Stenger, R-MWC ’74
Birgitta Sujdak-Mackiewicz, R-MWC ’98
Helen Thornton, R-MWC ’80
Linda Jones Tiffany, R-MWC ’84
Margaret Underwood, R-MWC ’55
Ann Jarvis Vest, R-MWC ’61
Molly Westling, R-MWC ’64
Lynn Whitmire, R-MWC ’85
Jeannine Witmyer, R-MWC ’80
Deborah Wooten, R-MWC ’74

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Gifts in honor of: 

Mark Anderson, UVa. ’98
who graciously opens his home in Charlottesville, on an annual basis, to host his sister Melisa Schultz and her classmates from R-MWC’s Class of 1985.  His generosity has enabled the bond of sisterhood forged at R-MWC to continue, and even strengthen, through our annual Gatherings at his home.
by Nell Jefferson Fredericksen
by Melisa Caston Schultz 
by Lynn Whitmire 

Meredith Minter Dixon, R-MWC ’84
by Ellen James Ramsburgh

Susan Foster, R-MWC ’68
by Janet Hensley

Sarah Gordon, R-MWC ’64
by Carol Littleton and John Bailey

Betty Littleton
by Carol Littleton and John Bailey

Betsy Gordon McCrodden R-MWC ’66
by Geri Long Cecil 
by Leah Fallon 
by Laura McCrodden

Madeline Miller, R-MWC ’66
by Carolyn Wilkerson Bell

Jennifer Mullins, R-MWC ’08
by Charlotte Harris Mullins 

Charlotte Harris Mullins, R-MWC ’80
by Jennifer Mullins

Elizabeth Cloar Sutton, R-MWC ’75
by Marsha Taylor Pepper

Virginia Tyner
on her 100th birthday
by Ann Jarvis Vest

Laura Hart Worsham
by Dawn Keogh


R-MWC’s Class of 1968
by Kristina Prager

R-MWC’s Class of 1981
by Anonymous

The Sunflower Initiative
by Aastha Sharma



Gifts in memory of: 

Dorothy Braden Bruce, R-MWC ’42 
WWII Code Girl, and
one of the most amazing women
I have had the honor to know,

by Deborah Wooten

Dr. Margaret Elaine Burgess
by Margaret Underwood

William Jerry Callis
father of Kristin Callis Hodges, R-MWC ’89
by Betsy Gordon McCrodden

Ruhi Elahi
mother of Nahid Hamzei, R-MWC ’80,
a great and generous educator of many
young children and young adults
throughout her life

by Kourosh and Pearl Hamzeh
by Betsy Gordon McCrodden

Faramarz Hamzei
father of Nahid Hamzei, R-MWC ’80
by Betsy Gordon McCrodden

Ellen Stone Gordon
by Sarah Gordon

Florence Stone Norwood
by Sarah Gordon

Jane Herb Rinden, R-MWC ’62
by Melissa Kaufmann-Buhler
by Sally Herb Moses


Chatham College
by Sandra Kuritsky

Peace College
For Peace College’s Legacy

by E.B. Watson Flory

Randolph-Macon Woman’s College
by Meredith Woodrum Snowden


Becca Peterson Rejoins TSI’s Board


The Sunflower Initiative welcomes Becca Peterson back to the Board. Becca is a Senior Director of Sales Operations at SourceAmerica, a nonprofit organization based in Northern Virginia which delivers products and services to government and commercial customers through a national community of nonprofit organizations that share a common vision to provide employment options for professionals with disabilities. Becca has a background in management consulting and program management in the public sector, working in New York City’s government agencies, and in providing financial management reporting and treasury services in the financial services sector.


Becca graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in 1980 with a major in American Studies, and earned a Master of Business Administration in 1988 at the College of William and Mary’s Mason School of Business. She holds graduate certificates in Organization Development and Change Management from Georgetown University and Large Scale Project Management from American University. She is delighted to return to the Board of Directors.