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A women's college is a place for a young woman to find her sun.

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“The empowering environment at a women’s college will help cultivate my will to do meaningful work, to be a leader, to be confident and resolute in my beliefs.”

Alena Rooney, 2020 Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship,
plans to attend Smith College after 2020-21 gap year

Funding for The Sunflower Initiative provides vital resources for our scholars – current and future – and continues to advance women’s education in a very personal and tangible way. As an all-volunteer organization, your contribution directly supports our well-qualified women who want to attend a women’s college.

Many of our donors are passionate about their women’s college experience even though their institution is closed or is now co-educational. The Sunflower Initiative provides these alumnae a way to honor that experience and preserve the choice of a single-sex education for future generations.

There are several ways for you to help a young woman find her voice, speak her mind and tell the world.