Some flowers grow best in full sun

We help fund the women's college experience.

A women’s college can provide that full sun, a unique environment with women at the center, that enables a student to thrive and strive to achieve her true potential. It is the spirit of these colleges that inspired The Sunflower Initiative to provide scholarships for women to attend the women’s college of their choice.

The Sunflower Initiative is the nation’s only independent organization fully dedicated to providing scholarships to students who choose to attend a women’s college.


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“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows follow behind you."

A Maori Proverb

Just the Facts

Ready to experience what a women’s college has to offer?

You’ll find…

  • an academic community dedicated to building your self-confidence and leadership skills.
  • a place where your opinions are valued and you are encouraged to express them.
  • a supportive environment to prepare you for a more abundant life.

The Sunflower Initiative may help give you the resources to get there.