News from The Sunflower Initiative

The nation’s only independent organization fully dedicated to providing
scholarships to women attending women’s colleges

Dear Supporters of the Sunflower Initiative,

As you know, over the past ten years, I have been involved in the inception, growth, and management of The Sunflower Initiative.   Developing and maintaining a nonprofit organization with initially a very small base of supporters has been challenging, frustrating, but, most of all, greatly rewarding.

As is the case with every organization, there comes a time when new leadership is needed, and I believe that time is now.   I am stepping down as president of TSI at a time when our organization has reached a significant milestone —closing in on our goal of establishing a $1 Million Dollar endowment.  In addition, TSI is readying itself to embark on a new, exciting decade, one that will position the organization to expand its reach and influence.   Finally, it was a very important consideration for me that at this time The Sunflower Initiative has a vibrant board of directors dedicated to carrying out our mission.

When I consider our brief but successful history, I recall the importance of those who have made it possible—board members, past and present, who have dedicated time and energy to our mission; committee members who have provided invaluable assistance in behind-the-scenes but necessary work; and our supporters, whose generosity has meant significant scholarships for nine young women of achievement and promise.  Your dedication to our mission has sustained us through all the years.

Thank you to all who have traveled this road with me.

I am delighted to report that Becca Peterson will be the second president of TSI. Becca (R-MWC Class of 1980) is a skilled professional, serving now as a Senior Director of Sales Operations at SourceAmerica.  She has a background in management consulting and program management in the public sector.  From TSI’s early years, Becca’s belief in our mission has been unwavering.  I am confident in her leadership.

With warm regards,

Elizabeth (Betsy) McCrodden
13 July 2020