TSI: Building for the Future

Dear friends of The Sunflower Initiative,

We are in uncertain times and uncharted waters with the spread of COVID-19. It is present nearly everywhere, and I hope this note finds you safe and well. These past months have presented challenges we were not expecting, and I am including you and The Sunflower Initiative (TSI) in the “we”.

Starting with an annual planning retreat in February, the board has been diligently planning for TSI’s next decade, to build on the achievements of the first ten years – funding scholarships from our Annual Fund and building an Endowment Fund to sustain and grow this future expectation of educating women at women’s colleges. We have some exciting ideas to implement, which we will share with you over the next months.

Four years ago, with Betsy McCrodden’s leadership, The Sunflower Initiative’s board of directors initiated an endowment campaign to raise $1 million to endow scholarships well into the future, and we continue to close in on this important milestone. This achievement is in addition to what you have also made possible through your generous and loyal donations to the Annual Fund for our scholarships.

Our scholarships have supported nine very deserving women. Among our graduates are two Ph.D. candidates and a recipient of a Truman Scholarship; our current students have studied abroad, held leadership roles, and excelled academically. They regularly communicate the value of their experience at a women’s college whether at Wesleyan (GA), Spelman, Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Barnard, or Bryn Mawr. By supporting these outstanding women with scholarships totaling a quarter of a million dollars, we also are supporting the colleges they attend.

With a donation to TSI, you will help us remain this constant resource for our scholars – current and future – and continue to advance supporting women’s education in a very personal and tangible way. Please give thought to how you might assist in this effort.  Your gifts, whether designated for the annual fund or for the endowment fund, are deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your past support and your future support as we enter our second decade of providing young women with the unique academic experience of a women’s college. Our website, www.thesunflowerinitiative.com, will give you a glimpse of the amazing young women TSI is supporting.

Your interest, your commitment, and your financial support are necessary to sustain our scholars, women’s colleges, and The Sunflower Initiative. Please let me know if you would like to work with us and in which area you would be willing to help us.

With hope and courage,


Becca Peterson
President, Board of Directors